Corporate Responsibility

Every company has a responsibility to its stakeholders to maximize shareholders wealth. At M.I.S. Commodities we look to give back to the community rather than only existing to make money. In our opinion it all comes down to ethics. Corporate Responsibility is an ever changing process of improving company standards and processes as well as the way we act day to day.

M.I.S. Commodities is built around the following
core values:

Respect – we value the rights and beliefs of our associates, customers, shareholders, and community. We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, equality, and trust.

Making the world a better place – Our people are always looking and working several steps ahead. A trade begins with ideas in place of developing from trading, to farming, to producing in which we will look to provide jobs, food, and shelter. Outside of normal business practices M.I.S. Commodities is dedicated to helping the global community improve the quality of life.

Excellence – to be the best in the industry at everything we do.

Empowerment and Courage – leaders take risk and at M.I.S. Commodities we empower our people to take the initiative to make decisions and do what is right for the company.

Teamwork – we promote, support, and appreciate the effort of everyone and support a diverse, unified team. In working together we meet our common goals.

Risk Tolerance and Accountability – we encourage our employees to honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses in taking calculated risks, always keeping to our commitments, regardless of profitability. Responsibility and accountability lies with each employee and we acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and successes. Everyone fails at one point or another and that is acceptable if we learn from our mistakes, accept them, and correct them.

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